Smart Gladiator Handheld
Introducing the Smart Gladiator Handheld. The turnkey Handheld solution that leverages latest Android and Apple devices for the best user experience.

The Smart Gladiator handheld is designed to allow operators for much more demanding situations with significant ruggedization. While other handheld solutions require the user to learn how to use an older push button device; ours requires nearly no training due to its intuitiveness. Simply turn on the device and log in through our emulator app.


  • Nearly no training required.
  • Ruggedized for warehouse use.
  • Comfortable and Hygienic.
  • Ability to take high quality pictures in an instant.
  • Highest speed, performance & proven reliable technology.
  • Easy Troubleshooting.
  • Immediate implementation of the latest technology due to the flexibility of Android.